Living For The Week Not Just The Weekend

We are all guilty of this. Please tell me it isn’t just me? Wishing the week away for them 2 precious days. Mr Saturday and Mrs Sunday. It got me thinking. Why should I wish the week away for them 48 hours?

Giant ice cream cone at the seaside against a sunny day. Living for the week

In fact there are 120 hours in the rest of the week that we wish away. That’s a lot right? I thought so too.

In those 120 hours many of us work 9-5, need 7ish hours sleep a night and that leaves us around 55 hours spare. I haven’t included commuting etc.

Yes that’s way more hours then we have in the weekend especially when you take out 14 hours for sleeping.

So how can you stop wishing the week away and start living for the week not just the weekend? I wish I had the answer but I just haven’t nailed it yet. I’ve been trying a few things so here goes.

Spend more time doing what you enjoy!

Set yourself a goal of a couple a nights a week to do something you enjoy. Not just coming home from work, changing into your jimjams and vegging out in front of a box set. Unless that is what you enjoy.

Do something that inspires you, something that allows you to be creative and stops the mundane everyday tasks setting in. It will give you a more positive outlook and stop you wishing for the weekend, where you can do all your exciting fun things. Spending an hour with a book or having a bath. A task that I would normally reserve for the weekend I’ve tried to incorporate into my working week.

Seeing people!

Friends, I’m talking about seeing your friend’s not just people that you have endless chit chat with. Maybe get up a little earlier and have a quick coffee before work? Or go to the gym together? It’ll mean not only do you have something to look forward too, but it also means you’ll get to have a little moan and not hold on to your feelings about the week that you’re wishing away.

So its a Sunday evening and I’m going to bring living for the week and not just the weekend into the new week.

Now I think that living for the week and not just the weekend isn’t that hard. From making little positive changes to give your self a break. Because a break is what we all really want isn’t it? It seems to be the moment we step away from responsibilities and give into the weekend. That’s when we really relax? But an hour lost in a book, 45mins in the swimming pool or just away from a screen for 30mins, it’s a moment that that helps us live away from the online world that can be all consuming.

Put on a pod cast or your favourite play list while you’re on your Monday morning commute. I stick on some happy tunes while I’m stuck in traffic (I recommend the 500 days of Soundtrack) and try not to wish away those 120 hours until the weekend.

Do you live for the week? Or Are you a weekend kinda person?