Travel in that funny middle bit of life. No longer students or 20 somethings but not quiet retirement. 

What does that mean exactly? You more than likely won’t find us in a hostel or backpacking. A cruise is highly unlikely but it will not be ruled it out 100%. Travel will be comfortable, it won’t be super cheap or highly luxurious (unless it is a treat). Who writes for Wandering Curiosities? It will be written from the viewpoint of a professional in her early 30s and occasionally her husband in his mid-40s. Michelle and Kevin.

Hello, I am Michelle, a 31-year-old woman that loves to travel and go on adventures, sometimes solo but sometimes with her husband. I currently live in Yorkshire, but can be found browsing the internet for new places to visit.

I work full time as a Medical Photographer* and I am here to document how I try and creatively spend my annual leave and what I get up to the rest of the time. *yes, it’s an awesome unique job and I am lucky to be able to communicate and help people through photographs.

Hi, I am Kevin, a 40 something IT geek that will one day write his own about me section and not leave it to my lovely adorable cute and funny wife. How did you start Wandering Curiosities? Wandering Curiosities started life as a Leeds based lifestyle blog with a little travel thrown on the side back in 2016. It has evolved slowly into a place where travel is prominent. It is Michelle’s love and Kevin comes along for the ride. 2020 was going to kick off with 12 countries in 12 months but a worldwide pandemic changed how the world almost rotated. Travel almost stopped completely and so did Wandering Curiosities. In the 12 months unexpected break, we looked at our blog and realigned it with our passion. Travel and adventure.

You can find us on: Instagram @wanderingcuriosities Twitter  @wandering_curio Youtube Wandering Curiosities


All thoughts and opinions are our own good or bad. Same goes for everything written here and images that appear too, I guess you can like it or lump it. Very occasionally we may be sent products or have the opportunity to attend events or experiences in exchange for a review. This will always be stated because it’s the right thing to do and as always we wouldn’t touch anything that we wouldn’t endorse normally. We will give honest reviews and not be influenced by the company in any way shape or form.

We also use affiliate commission services such as Shopstyle, Affiliate Window where I can earn a very small commission on products purchased, this helps up upgrade our flights and book slightly nicer hotel rooms.

(*) When a post may be sponsored an asterisk will be used.