Yorkshire Day 2017

By eck. Be reyt. Stop ye mitherin’. Did I ‘eckers like? Aye Love. Happy Yorkshire Day 2017.

Fish and Chips with a wooden fork on the beach

Now then, did thee need a translator? I do bloody love the Yorkshire Dialect.

I’ve lived in Yorkshire all my life but sometimes I even get stuck with a little bit of the twang. Especially when its 2 old blokes down t’pub and they have a real strong rural accent. But the majority of the time these phrases slip into everyday conversation without a second though. Don’t pronounce your H’s and lose ‘The’ and you’re pretty much there. (Hull become ‘ull and see if you can spot the missing ‘the’)

Without further a do here is a list of things I love about Yorkshire on this here Yorkshire Day.

1. Fish, chips and mushy peas*. Maybe a bread cake thrown in too.
2. How friendly people are.  At the bus stop, strike up a convo about the bus been early or even better say ‘I bet 3 come at once’ or have a chat about the weather.
3. Yorkshire puddings (also rather controversially a yorkshire pudding with jam).
4. That you can find a pint for less than £3.
5. Scarborough. Well the East Coast in general.
6. Festivals that confuse anyone not from round these parts. That’ll be the Rhubarb Festival and the Liquorice Festival.
7. A teacake is different from a currant teacake – I will fight you if you say otherwise.
8. Bettys Afternoon Tea.
9. It’s not really grim up North.
10. Pork Pie, mushy peas* and mint sauce.

So there you have it. 10 things I love about Yorkshire.

*It would appear that mushy peas feature twice in this list at both number 1 and 10 this is not a mistake.


What do you love about Yorkshire? Or any strange loves for your local area that I should know about?