The Great British Food Festival

This year marked 10 years since my last ‘real’ festival experience. How and when did I get old? Young excitable 17 year old me, packed her camping bags, some Malibu into pop bottles because ya know underage drinking consisted of only Malibu and coke oh and maybe a bacardi breezer or 3? Then off she trundled to a muddy field for 4 days.

Alas, 27 and the only festival I went to this year was food related. And well if that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does. I was invited to The Great British Food Festival by Tastecard to see what delicious food and drinks were on offer at the stunning location of Castle Howard!

Harewood house on a sunny day

You can’t beat the setting of a magnificent 18th Century home for a food festival. Walking through the estate was the first part of the experience. I mean could you even imagine living there?

We followed the signs a little like Alice In Wonderland, but not down the rabbit hole, down the hill to the smell of food trucks.

The Great British Food Festival by Tastecard 

Tastecard hosted a little competition for us in a fancy VIP tent. It was The Great British Blog off, tasked at decorating biscuits with a glass of something fizzy on the side was a fun start to the day. I put my gingerbread man in a Tastecard apron as the Chef and Kevin decorated his biscuits as pizza, chips and a burger! And Kevin only went and won 3rd place in the competition a lifetime subscription to Tastecard.

*I made Kevin pose with his winning biscuits

On to exploring, there are lots to see and do at The Great British Food Festival. From live cooking demos to foraging trails and lots of stalls selling delicious food and drinks.

Am I making you hungry yet? I picked up some of these giant meringues because well they’re my favourite and I have a sweet tooth.

A special shout out goes to Simons Sausage and their board that made me giggle every time we walked past.

Whats a festival without a beer and cheese chips? There may have been 100’s of choices of food but Kevin went for this festival staple, they were upgraded chips though. These were triple cooked gourmet with cheese and they were so tasty! Kevin said the beer was also really good. I went for  these amazing Thai noodles. They were so good and soaked up a hint of the hangover from the night before.

Would I go again?

Without a doubt. I love good food and a day out in a beautiful location is always great fun. Free event parking sealed the deal. We were lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain and a light jacket just about kept us warm, but there was a couple of covered areas for you to hide out if needed.

We left with out belly’s and our bags full of delicious food. Thank you to Tastecard for inviting us.

There is 1 more Great British Food Festival left of the Summer

Arley Hall Food Festival
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September
Arley, Northwich CW9 6NA