Friendship in your late 20’s

London bus with blossom tree cocktails on a wood table and carnaby street

There is something mysterious and magical about an adult friendship in your late 20’s and beyond. And they seem to fall into two very separate categories. Basically I’ve just come back from a weekend in London with two of my best friends and we’ve been friends for over 15 years and well it has inspired this post. (*waves hi ladies)

There are two kinds of friendships in your late 20’s.

1. The ‘oh god when did we reach our late 20’s’ group of long-time friends. (Read friends for somewhere between 10-15 years probably since high school or maybe before that are you are around the same age).

2. Then there are the newer adult friends. We’ll go with less than 5 years of friendship. (Maybe they started as your work colleagues and have become friends and there maybe an age gap)

Now I certainly have both sets of adult friends and I love them all equally for different reasons but have a read and see if you can relate to any of these points.


1. There is no conversation barred. You are brutally honest with each other and you’ll openly talk about sex and other bodily functions freely. Often at a bar drinking cocktails while forgetting that the people on the next table are more than likely listening in. Or you are in an Uber home and driver wonders what careers you’ve chosen as the conversation is very questionable.

2. Much more likely that the general conversation is going to be a little more reserved. Maybe less talk about your sex life and more about what you’re having for tea that night or if you’ve booked any annual leave.


1. Panic that you’re now grownups and everyone and their dog has massive healthy savings while you’re still in your overdraft on semi regular basis. Realise that no one really has their shit together and panic that you’ll be 30 soon and said shit needs to be together by then.

2. You don’t really talk about money; it feels like a taboo subject. Just presume that everyone is saving more than you and they’ve got it all down to a fine art. Pretend you have too.


1. By luck or good judgement you’re all kinda on the right path and not hating your job. If you are you can moan about it and work out the plan of action and talk said friends into helping you achieve your goal.

2. Adult friends will still moan about their jobs but maybe do nothing about it. Potentially just accept their fate and not have the motivation or determination to make a change.