A tights subscription box – is it worth it? The Legwear co.

There is yet another subscription service out there. But this one, I have to admit is actually useful. You wear them, often throw them out and are almost classed as fast throw away fashion. Have you guessed what it is yet? (hints in the title)

Tights! A blooming tights subscription service.

The Legwear Co. sent me a box of tights to test. And test them I did.

women in 60 denier tights with support legs in the air while laid on bed

About The Legwear Co.

“A women’s hosiery subscription box. We deliver 3 pairs of tights every 3 months to the customer. Most hosiery products on the market are poorly manufactured and ladder or tear after just a few wears. This has a huge impact on the environment as there aren’t a lot of upcycling opportunities for hosiery. Our legwear pieces are designed to last and actually come with a 3-month warranty which is a world first in our industry.”

The tights arrived in a cardboard box with no plastic packaging which I loved. In there were 3 pairs of tights, 50 Denier Eco, 60 Denier Support and 120 Denier Support.

women in 60 denier tights from the legwear company sat crossed legged on a bed

How did the tights hold up?

I work in a hospital, my tights get battered and annoyingly I can sometimes destroy a pair of tights in a few hours. Put them on and in what feels like 3 hours, ladder them or pull them, rendering them useless. I easily wear tights 4 out of 7 days a week and for more than 12 hours, so I really did give them a brutal testing.

  • 50 Denier eco pair – Too thin for me. You could see my bruises on my legs but they were comfy, did need a wash to regain there shape after 1 wear (because we all secretly wear tights more than once).
  • 60 Denier Support (as pictured) – Good thickness and I really liked the support on the upper thigh and around the tummy. The bruises on my knees showed through a little. They stayed in place all day though.
  • 120 Denier Support – I kept these as a ‘nice’ non work pair of tights. Super black, really thick and comfy. They didn’t fall down or give me ‘Nora Batty ankles’, no unnecessary pulling up while at the bar.

I was overall impressed with the quality of the tights, the 60 Denier pair lasted really well and were great for work. They didn’t ladder. There is a BUT though. The day I wore ankle boots they did go all bobbly around where the boots sat which is a shame, this renders them boot tights now, as they’re ugly in heels.

Would I subscribe to a tights subscription service?

Thats the big question isn’t it? I am not a fan of the usual subscription boxes, I’ve had ones in the past and the items have sat there on a shelf until I’ve binned them. This tights subscription is £34.99 and they have a 3 month warranty so actually its a pretty good deal and something I would actually use. So go for it and try them out. You get a pair free to test if you cover the postage too.

women in tights on a bed with shoes. The legwear company