How to Update a Vintage Record Cabinet with Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint

I may have accidentally bought an early 80’s record cabinet from a charity shop, manage to get it in my car and bring it home. It was ugly. Kevin’s face was a picture. He just couldn’t see my vision at first for this vintage lump of wood. But a tin of Rust-Oleum Chalk Paint later and a set of hair pins later I love my mid-century style cabinet.

*FYI this isn’t a sponsored post, I just happened to accidentally buy all the rust-oleum products and loved them.

Did you see my post on how I styled my record cabinet with an awesome neon light? A few people asked me about the record cabinet so I thought it was time for a make over post.

Vintage Record Cabinet After

Mid Century Inspired Record Cabinet

So how did this become a rather lovely mid-century inspired cabinet I hear you ask?

Vintage Record Cabinet Before




Cabinet £10

Hair Pin Legs £26 (eBay)

Rust-Oleum White Chalk Pain £12 (B&Q)

Rust-Oleum Gold Paint £2 (B&Q)

1 bottle of cider £1.50

Total £51.50


I spent a rainy weekend with a sander, a paint brush and a bottle of cider because why the hell not.

I *read Kevin* sanded the cabinet lightly, just enough to remove any gunk and rough up the surface so the Chalk Paint would adhere better. I then gave the cabinet a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

The hairpin legs attached super easily and once on I flipped the cabinet on to the feet. This makes it much easier to paint, as it’s not sat on the floor.

I gave the cabinet 2 coats of Chalky Finish Furniture Paint in Chalk White, one on Saturday morning and one coat on Saturday evening, it needed a few hours to dry in-between coats.

Sunday Morning I just topped up a couple of missed bits (oops).

I then used a make up brush because I didn’t have a brush small enough to paint the gold bits on the cabinet, it needed 2 coats to be a deep gold colour I was after.

Sunday evening I popped the records back in.

Hows it holding up?

Well 1 month after the paint is holding up pretty well, there is a few scuffs in the paint but its not chipped at all. I did have the option to wax the chalk paint but honestly I didn’t want to pay the extra pennies and I couldn’t be bothered. I’m more of a quick DIY kinda girl. I’m looking forward to seeing how the cabinet ages.