A Heart Shaped Valentine’s Neon

When Gingersnap offered to send me a heart shaped neon light to review how could I say no? I mean I love neon, I make Kevin pull over when we’re driving so I can take pictures of neon. The neon love runs deep. And it’s almost Valentines Day, a heart shaped neon seemed like the perfect fit. How many times can I say neon in the first paragraph? A lot obviously.

Record Cabinet Neon Heart Balloon

I think everyone knows that I love Records too, if you didn’t where have you been? My soul is lost in a bygone era. One where all advertising was done in neon and hand painted signs. There is a certain romance about it, one where the warm glow of light touches my skin and a vinyl softly clicks on the record player. Gingersnap’s Pink Heart Balloon fits perfectly just above my record cabinet.

I was super impressed with delivery from Gingersnap, the neon was well packaged and arrived quickly. I opened the box very carefully in anticipation because this was the first neon I’ve ever owned and it was as perfect as I hoped. Clean crisp and very pink, a hint of the 1960s and a time long lost. One that calls me from within. The neon mounts on the wall and comes with easy to follow instructions. I got Kevin to drill a hole through our wall into the adjoining garage and feed the power from there. The plug that comes with the neon is black, it stuck out trailed down our white walls so hiding it was our best option.

heart shaped neon gingersnap

Since Valentines Day is just a few weeks away why not treat yourself or your loved one to a neon sign? They even do a super cute table top neon heart in red that I totally adore too and may have to purchase for Kevin* because a girl can’t have too much neon can she?  *our bedroom.

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*I received this light in exchange for a review but all thoughts and neon love are my own*