Alcoholic Iced Peach Green Tea

Do you know what I love? Iced Tea. Not the weird American Iced Tea though because thats just literally cold tea. Oh and alcohol. Not in a dependant way. In a ooo alcoholic iced tea sounds like a good idea way. So when Pago offered to send me crate of juice to create something with an idea was born.

Ok, it wasn’t really born. I wanted to make my own version of Starbucks Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade. With a hint of something more weekend about it.

Pego Peach Alcoholic Iced Tea

Pago comes in a variety of flavours but since I’m not so patiently waiting for summer to come and well my above mentioned love of iced tea I went for the classic peach.

Alcoholic Iced Peach Green Tea Ingredients

1 bottle – Of Pago Peach Fruit Juice Chilled
25ml – A Spiced Rum of your choosing (I used a cheapo Aldi one worked fine)
50ml – Chilled Green Tea
A Handful – of Ice
1/4 – sliced peach to make it look fancy


– Add plenty of ice to glass of choice
– Add sliced peach to glass if feeling fancy
– Next add spiced rum, green tea and peach juice
– Give it a good stir
-Sit back relax and enjoy *responsibly because you know alcohol

Pego Peach Alcoholic Iced Tea

You can find all my other recipes here. And you can find Pago on twitter and instagram where they show case all there flavours. Next I need to try the Rhubarb and Pear because you know I live in the Rhubarb triangle and it would be rude not too!