Before and After: Den Makeover With A Velvet Sofa and A Giant Tropical Wall Mural

There are sometimes in life when you have to indulge yourself with them crazy plant lady vibes. And when you move into a new build house where every wall is white this urge comes sooner than anticipated. We’ve been in our home for 3 months now and I was getting that itch to decorate everywhere. I’ve even had Pinterest Boards filled with ideas on how I wanted to decorate right from the moment we started looking for a new house early last year.

So when PhotoWall* got in contact asking to collaborate with me, how could I say no? Bye bye white walls hello something bright and colourful. I did have to talk Kevin into this mural but it turns out he loves it now it’s on the wall … (actually he just said “I think it’s OK which I translated from man speak into “I love this”) You’ll find that it’s a recurring theme in interior decorating within my life. Someone can’t quiet visualise the end goal.

Before and After

before and after Tropical Photowall and Velvet sofa

Lets have a look at how we got to something that was just a bare walls, to a Pinterest worthy den area. I’m not sure if its technically a ‘den’. But its not a living room and the dining area is to the other side of the room. It’s a space where we listen too music and drink Gin if I’m completely honest with you. Oh and Pixel has taken permanent residency there.

PhotoWall Leaf Print TROPICAL

PhotoWall Leaf Print TROPICAL Teal Velvet Sofa

The Wall Mural

Lets talk about the wallpaper first. It is a well known fact, that everyone hates wallpapering, or maybe I made it up. Who knows? But this was surprisingly easy. I chose this Tropical print in the premium quality as I loved the colours in the leaves and the fact that I am a crazy plant lady it felt like the perfect fit. (I was originally planning to have something printed up from our Iceland Trip as Photowall can also print your own images, maybe a mural of the northern lights but as they alluded us I went for this instead)

You measure your wall very carefully and double check the measurements. Pop them into the dimensions box and it magically works out how much paper you need and the cost.

The paper arrived within a couple of days and it comes on one giant roll. You then have to cut the roll into lengths (hopefully you checked your measurements because if its wrong the mural won’t fit your wall), mix up the paste, paste the wall and hang your lovely new paper.

Honestly we didn’t even have an argument while hanging it and it took less than 2 hours. Photowall even have some videos showing you how too hang the murals.

PhotoWall Leaf Print TROPICAL with velvet teal sofa

The Sofa

Hello teal velvet sofa of my dreams. Now this sofa has a history. I saw it on someones instagram stories when they went to the Tesco Christmas preview evening. Yes you read that right dear readers, TESCO. Well I instantly fell in love with it and knew it had to be mine. I eventually got to make my order in November last year and a whole 3 months later it arrived. It’s one of the best things I think I’ve bought for the house. It sits perfectly against the wall mural from Photowall and has the hint of vintage to go with the bar cart and the record player that live nearby.

Things and a Cheeky Discount Code

Wall Mural – £168*  use WanderingCuriositiesCampaign2018 for 20% off PhotoWall until Friday 16th March 2018
Teal Velvet Sofa – £379 (it was on sale)
Rug – From £99
Light Shades – £22
Side Table – £29 from Aldi so you’ll have to hunt for them

So there you have it. How I turned a dingy room into a bright, colourful and cosy corner. As always all words and love for the wall mural are my own and I only write about products I love and would recommend to others.