Hyde Park Book Club Brunch O’clock

If you’re from Leeds you probably know of the Hyde Park Book Club even if you don’t actually know it. That fancy dress shop in an old petrol station? Right? Told ya you knew where it was. Well for the last 2 years it’s been a cafe come events space with a corner of vintage and fancy dress. And I was lucky enough to be invited to try their brunch menu.

Hyde Park Book Club LeedsHyde Park Book Club is a little rough around the edges, but I kinda liked that. There is a cozy feeling, one that isn’t pretentious but welcoming. I have a feeling it’ll be that place where locals want to keep it a secret but will recommend it too anyone that listens. As that secret cafe that you must visit.

The whole menu is vegetarian, something that the owners decided on early on. They stuck to their morals been veggies themselves and devised a menu which includes sausages from the vegetarian butcher!

Hyde Park Book Club Leeds Breakfast bagel vegetarian sausages

Hyde Park Book Club Leedsbig breakfast with ketchup and brown sauce

Hyde Park Book Club Leeds chocolate coconut waffles

Don’t they look good? I had the breakfast bagel which was egg, veggie sausage, avocado and spinach. Other offerings included rather fancy looking waffles topped with fruit and an almost rather healthy full breakfast.

So if you want to just pop for a coffee, hearty breakfast or check out some of the events that they this is the place to be.

Hyde Park Book Club Leeds Handpainted sign

Hyde Park Book Club Location