A year in Review 2017

best of nine 2017

Here we are hurtling towards 2018. I am excited to review 2017. Are you ready? Right lets go.

January – I started off the new year building a fort in the living room, eating crap food and drinking wine it was the best. There was a day trip to London to see Steph. I treat myself to first class tickets. We ate Lebanese food and went to what we call the fancy Starbucks. AKA Starbucks Reserve.

February – The little brother was in a car accident, I spent an evening in Sheffield Northern visiting him in hospital (he escaped lightly considering it could of been a lot worse). We took our only international trip to Houston for a week to see Matt and Nicole. I ate the most amazing BBQ food at Rudy’s. I’m still thinking about that brisket.

March – We put our house up for sale. Holy cow. That seems so long ago now. But our home for 8 years went on the market. It was super scary but also very exciting. I went back to London to see Steph but this time with Amy, we had an amazing girly weekend and it inspired this post about Friendship in Your Late 20s.

April – Road Trip month. The Beetle, me and Kevin drove over 600miles on the Foss Way. I made my first ever Vlog. You should go and watch it here. I ticked off Stonehenge my bucket list too.

May – This month was a biggy. On Tuesday 9th May I had major Surgery. Good bye 20% of my Liver. Good bye Focal Nodual Hyperplasia. Hello 6 plus months of recovery. Hello New Scars. We also sold our house. eeek.

June – I spent the majority of June recovering from surgery, including having to inject myself daily with blood thinners. All the fun times. The rest of the month was sent on the sofa been looked after by Kevin.

July – More recovery this month, this time with a couple of more days out into leeds to improve my mental health and get rid of the cabin fever that set in over the last 8 weeks.

August – I went back to work part time on a phased return after what worked out at 3 months off. Steph bullied me into Open Water Swimming and I surprisingly loved it. August was also the month we sold and moved out of our home that we sold in May. We moved into Kevin’s mums spare room and put all our junk in a 20ft storage container. Throw in a PCOS diagnosis for good measure too.

September – More open water swimming on my own this time, Steph was home in London. I cant believe it’s something that I enjoy, I’m not normally an exercise kinda gal. Never mind exercise outside kinda gal. ie. I joined a gym for a year and only went 3 times. So there is that. We spent a day in Morecambe at a vintage festival, the 2nd mini road trip for Winnie. Oh and back to work full time. September was a bit busy right?

October – October is my favourite month. Halloween, pumpkin spice everything and wrapping up warm. I took Mum to the Opera and I leant that Opera really wasn’t our thing. Matt and Nicole came and we hosted them for a whistle stop tour of the North. It included, Leeds, York, Whitby and one monster hangover.

November – HAPPY NEW HOME. We finally got the keys to our new house. We did what can only be described as an epic Ikea haul. I went very blonde and started to unpack what felt like all the boxes in the world.

December – Cooking Christmas dinner for 6 after last years 5 person dinner will hopefully be a success! I have also agreed to go for a quick swim on boA bloggers day out organised by Gina including a bottomless brunch and the ballet was so much fun and a testament to the wonderful bloggers community in Leeds.


2017 was a challenging year. Having surgery certainly threw the year and myself into chaos, my physical health certainly took a battering along with my mental health. Somehow I made it through, even if I’ve added an another diagnosis to the list, a recurring appointment with a dietician and still struggle with daily pain but we’re getting there slowly but surely.

Travel took a back seat over the last 12 months. We only went on 2 trips and one of them was in the UK. This felt like a bit of a kicker a few months back but now I can see it was for the best, time to recuperate but also the fact we bought a new house!

Now buying a new build house is filled with lots of little challenges and my god did we come across some. From struggling to reserve the plot we wanted, to endless build delays. It’s almost all a memory now as we are all settled in and 80% unboxed.

What’s in store for 2018?

This is a very good question I hear you ask. Well you should read this post to find out!