Bulgogi Grill Korean BBQ – Leeds

Man having Korean BBQ with beef

Bulgogi Grill is a Korean Table BBQ place in Leeds and I think it may have changed my life a little bit. It’s almost hidden next to Smoke in the Merrion Centre. Formally known as ‘The Arena Quarter’.

This was my first experience of Korean BBQ and I am not sure what I was expecting but I’ll be going back. I’m gonna say that it is not vegan friendly but there is plenty of fish options for vegetarians.

Korean BBQ Restaurant

Korean Table BBQ menus

You’re seated at a table with a hot plate in the middle and a huge over head extractor fan. This is because you cook the meat right in front at you at your own table. We went at lunch on a Saturday and the menu is limited but it was only £11.95 each. What a bloody bargain. The portions are huge and really we could have shared but we decided to indulge. I didn’t finish all my beef though.

We were given some plastic tongs as our chopstick skills weren’t quiet up to scratch, the waitress even gave us a quick tutorial haha! You basically cook your meat then wrap it in a lettuce leaf with rice and some veg. Voila.

Would I go again?

Yes but I think I’d stick to a lunch time for the time being. For less than £15 I had an amazing lunch and a glass of pop. (Lunch runs from 12 to 2.30 Tuesday to Sunday). The evening menu is £24.95 pp I’ve yet to try it, maybe one day I will do but I’m not sure I could even eat that much.


Have you tried Korean BBQ?