A Year In Review 2018

2018 has been a funny year. Not laughable funny, well it it was sometimes. But a year with it’s ups and downs. So lets take a look shall we. Here comes a review of sorts …

A year in review 2018

We took a trip to Iceland for my birthday and it was amazing, I even wrote travel posts about it here. January was also the month I ended up in A&E twice with pain so bad I had to take tramadol and had to have a catheter fitted for 2 weeks. So lets say January started on a high and low.

Iceland view from the church

My mental health took a battering towards the end of January into early February. The catheter was a complete surprise and it left me feeling very low. I took a month off work and tried to fill it going outdoors and getting fresh air. I walked miles on my own and explored many national trust woodland and paths. Things started to improve after I admitted I needed some help.

National trust stepping stones

A day trip to Sheffield, where I ate and at Mesters Social and wandered the city looking for street art. March was also the month I met Gina and we went to a Gin Festival. So lets say we can sum up March with all the food and Drink.

waffles with banana and Nutella in Sheffield masters social

April was the month where we travelled to Heidelberg. All the blog posts I had in my head and never wrote. Maybe 2019 is the year I will catch up on my travel posts. I got to spend a week exploring this beautiful city, walking 20,000 steps a day and finding the more obscure things to look at and see.

Heidelberg castle

Back to open water swimming, the water was cold. Yet it was invigorating and left me hopeful that my mental health was beginning to improve a little. I even went to my GP and chased up a referral for CBT and pain management. A big brave step.

blue lagoon pizza party spring 2018

June flew past in a blur, there was a mile swam in lake Windermere. My biggest open water swim ever. Then there was a trip to Chicago. The one where I met with Steph and took photos professionally in another country for the first time. So let’s say June was an excellent month. (oh and I also died my hair purple)

2 girl dressed up for a night out in Chicago

A quiet month compared to the last few, and I was kind of grateful for that. I did take a little road trip to Birmingham to the NEC for the Real Bodies exhibition. It was really interesting but not quiet as well put together as the Body Worlds ones.

body worlds exhibition real bodies

There was a game of Dinosaur Mini Golf with Gina, eating amazing Indian food at Prashad, the long awaited start of CBT and a PTSD diagnosis. Then a British road trip in the Beetle. We took the bug to Hawes and Wensleydale Creamery. The only long road trip we took in Winnie this year. To say it was mid August, you know the middle of the British summer, the weather was grim.

1973 vw beetle in the yorkshire dales

I posted pictures of myself in underwear that apparently caused a bit of a stir and got my highest blog views ever this month. So nudity sells? A trip to London and back to Chicago, a long weekend in Michigan to see Steph again and I died my hair bright blue. Which 18 year old Michelle will be very proud of and I love love love it!

blue haired girl with glasses in a blanket scarf

How do I choose a single picture from October? Me and Kevin celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Then a few days later I flew long haul by myself to Kuala Lumpur, spent 3 days there before spending a week in Tokyo which was beyond amazing. I have so many blog posts in my head that I should really start to get them all down. But Disney on Halloween was 200% a highlight.

little green men mocha Tokyo Disney

I came back home with a bump after pretty much traveling 3 weeks out 4 in October. I had a pain management procedure that equalled me feeling awful for a good week or 2 and no real relief after that. (A huge steroid and anaesthetic injection into my tummy). I did however spend an afternoon with some lovely leeds ladies and go for pre Christmas Brunch. Thank to Tina for the picture.

a blue haired female photographer against a graffiti backdrop

Oh December. There has been 4 Christmas parties, 2 failed emergency root canal treatments on one tooth, 1 giant Christmas dinner made, a Boxing Day dip in 6c water and 2 park runs completed.

blue lagoon 2018 Boxing Day dip

So there we have it. 2018 in review is complete! Well done if you got to the end. Double well done if you read the text. 2018 has been a year that my health has improved post surgery, I have got stronger. I would have never thought I would be able to swim a mile in open water when I could barely do 250m last year. I am more confident. My photography have improved (not that you can tell from this selection of iPhone pictures) but with that so has my ability to say yes to new challenges. My mental health took a battering at the beginning of the year but has slowly started to improve and will continue too. And I am now excited for 2019. I will be making the last year of my 20’s count!

On wards, a slight step to the side, upwards and most definitely forwards.