Where next? A very good question

So it’s the 6th of January and I am wondering where next for this little blog. Over the last year, I have slowed on the posting front. There have been a few reasons why, but the main one is that I have felt a little lost with no real direction.

Girl walking through empty street in Tokyo Japan

So where next? I am not 100% sure.

I have travelled more than I thought was possible in 2018 and somehow have not hit publish on any of these trips yet.

Wondering if this blog will start to morph into a travel blog? Me too! I do however want to keep writing for me, to document my adventures locally as well as the slightly more far flung. The little reviews of places I visit and how I find it as a Yorkshire gal in the big wide world. I still want this spot on the internet to be mine. This does mean you are more than likely to get my ramblings too on things that well I think are worth shouting about.

There will be no room for negativity or outright shade, as I think the cool kids are calling it now? God knows? There will be lots of room for colourful pictures, laughs, too many exclamation marks and the occasional spelling mistake.

So there you have it. It’s all there in black and white of sorts. No cheesy goals. No new resolutions. Just a nod to the fact that this space is evolving and growing.


I think it is going to be a year of adventure and change. I will be turning 29 in just a few days and I am ready for a challenge.

  • A blog update is on the way very shortly.
  • There will be a trip to Boston where I get to see friends again.
  • My first festival in 12 years.
  • More open water swimming and ideally an under 30min 5km park run. So maybe a Sprint Triathlon? Just maybe.
  • Less screen time and more fresh air
  • More adventures
  • There are books to read and documentaries to watch
  • Less plastic will be used and trying to be more conscious of what we purchase

So that’s it folks. Let’s go 2019.