Things I wish I knew before dying my hair blue

Lets start of by saying 18 year old Michelle would be very proud of 28 year old Michelles life choices of late. In the last couple years I have found a confidence that seemed to be missing in my early 20s. From confidently saying no to things I didn’t really want to do, to dying my hair blue. 

I am sure you’ve seen THAT post where I got my kit off on the Internet? If you haven’t that you can find it here. Well I could not of imagined posting that a few years ago. 

Now I have blue hair. A colour choice that apparently I was thinking about 8 years ago. *according to my timehop. I asked twitter if I should dye my hair blue. And no one got back to me. Oh the shame

But I love it!

blue hair in London against graffiti

What has having blue hair taught me?

Well. Thats a very good question dear reader isn’t it. So what has having blue hair taught me?

For the majority of time people are lovely. Old ladies at work tell me its a beautiful colour. One old man gave me hug after telling me his Mum had blue hair in the 70’s and she caused havoc and he hoped I was doing that too. Along with a life is too short to me normal.

There is a confidence that comes with colourful hair. One that you don’t know you have until it is on your head. People stare, I counted a more then half a dozen people looked directly at me then quickly adverted there gaze once I looked at them (not even as a blonde have I had this) in less than a minute.

Everything I own is slightly blue. My hands, my towels, my soul? Maybe not my soul. But you get the gist. EVERYTHING.

blue hair in rainy London

You can not go out in the rain. Your hair will run. I mean drippy blue water running down you face kinda run. It ain’t pretty and it stains like a bugger! *insert me doing an emergency brolly purchase in Primark. 

Not all responses will be positive. I mean 99% are. So far I have only had 1 that was negative. A lady told me my hair was unacceptable for work and how could I possibly have a job in a profession environment looking like that?! I smiled and nodded politely. 

*The colour is Blue Velvet by Special Effects. And these pictures are all taken maybe 2 washes in. The only place I could find it online was at **not a plug