A Morning Body Confidence Chat

It’s a late morning on a Sunday and I have been putting off taking pictures for this blog post for long enough. Drum roll why? Because it includes me in some underwear. Of sorts. Well a pair of fancy satin shorts from the new Pamela for Hunkemoller* collection. But hear me out. 

Oh Michelle. Get a grip I hear people cry. A size 8 shouldn’t feel fat. Well this gal isn’t the most confident when it comes to getting her gut out for the Internet.  Or just been in front of the camera. We’re talking 100 images to get 1 I liked, for a professional headshot. 

Body Confidence for the Petite  

There has been a lot of talk recently about body confidence and how we should all love our bodies no matter what size we are. 

Teaching young girls that been petite is amazing. You don’t have to be 6ft model. 5ft 4in and under is amazing.

A size 8 is also amazing. Small boobs are amazing. You are Amazing.

Rolling up your jeans, because you bought a 28 inch leg and it’s still too long is ok. Standing next to your tall friends and been the shortest is ok. (It means you can buy stuff in the kids section and it’s cheaper! Honestly Doc Martens in the youth bit are so much cheaper).

Am I Confident?

And yes I do love my body but am I super confident? Nope. 

I have scars from surgery, I bruise like a peach and guess what … I used most of a tin of dry shampoo in my hair.  Because I am human. I am a woman. I am 5 foot 2 inch and a little bit and I am still learning to ignore the internet. A size 8 still has tummy rolls, they still have cellulite and bits they don’t want to get out.

I am relatively healthy, swim at least once a week, eat my greens and try not drink every night of the week. Oh sweet Gin I have not forgotten you. Oo chocolate, I haven’t forgotten about you either. Yet I try and balance all the good things with all the healthy things.

Maybe I should take a leaf out of my own book and try to be more confident? Well these pictures are kind of a way of doing that. They’re unedited minus a little tweak of the lighting but no photoshopping appeared here. Just me, my spare room a 50mm lens, tea and toast.

Hunkemoller shorts size 8 body confidence  breakfast in bed

*The shorts were gifted to me by Hunkemoller. They are very very pretty, very comfy and you’ll be finding me lounging about the house in them on a weekend. I chose a medium for that extra bit of comfort but they do make me feel extra cute and importantly confident without been all ‘hello boys’ sexy!