How to Spend a Day in Sheffield

As part of my visit places closer to home resolution I decided to spend a day in Sheffield. I went with a very loose plan and a spare day of annual leave. I mean Sheffield wasn’t really on the top of my must visit list but its only 45 minutes down the motorway and I thought I’d give the steel city a few hours of my time.

Eat & drink

1. Mesters’ Social

I’m just going to start with this was the best French Toast I had ever had. Yes, I’ve eaten a lot of French Toast so I think I’m an authority figure on it now! I stumbled across the very lovely looking instagram of Forge Bakehouse and planned to get a late breakfast and a coffee there. But when I rocked up I saw the menu for Mesters’ Social and the rest they say is history.

meters social french toast with bananas and berries on a wooden table with a glass of fritz rhubarb drink

2. Tampa

Tampa is a coffee shop and they do damn fine coffee. I find it firstly difficult to get a good decaf and secondly one made hot enough with almond milk. Well Tampa you win. Not only was my coffee hot and decaf it, was hidden away and even though busy the service was excellent.

new Zealand coffee chain temps in sheffield, a decafe mocha with almond milk and a glass of water on the side.

The Outside Inside

sheffield botanical garden a large victorian green house in spring with white and purple crocus Creative heading I hear you yell. Are you intrigued? Apart from bakery products I knew I wanted to visit:

1.  Botanical Gardens

Giant Victorian green houses have always had a place in my heart, they’re intricate often have beautiful plants hidden inside and have been saved from the elements.

The botanical garden in Sheffield isn’t as large as I expected but it was still filled with exotic plants. Plants that I wanted to smuggle home but we all know that Kevin wouldn’t be happy with a 6ft palm tree appearing in the kitchen.

2. The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens I pretty much stumbled across. I parked my car in what I think was the University district where I found all the awesome street art and followed the signs into town. This is where the winter gardens are not so secretly hidden. It is the one of the largest greenhouse built in the UK in the last 100 years. So seemed perfect to find into my Sheffield day trip.

Independent Shops

A record shop I hear you cry. Why yes of course I had to visit an independent record store. Now it wasn’t the friendliest I have ever been in but it was full to the brim with records. It was however the only record store ive been in that had a buffet for me to stand on. This is a bloody excellent idea. I can never normally reach the 2nd boxes and have to stand on my tip toes. So well done the Record Collector Sheffield.

The record collector sheffields independant record store

There you have it, thats my mini roundup of how to spend a day in Sheffield! Have I missed any of your must visits in the steel city? Please let me know!