Champagne School | Epernay Leeds

Remember when I went to Coffee School? Champagne school is also an actual thing!

Hello there lovely come and fill my glass up! Epernay Champagne Bar in Leeds are now offering you the chance to learn a thing or two about our favourite French tipple.

neon sign against grade 2 listed brick wall spelling epernay with the number 17 in black and white hand painted

It is no secret that I am a fan of something cold and bubbly. So when given the opportunity to try champagne school*; how could I say no?

Bottles of champagne cooling in a Champagne bucket with ice on a wooden table next to a reserved sign

Champagne to me is always a luxurious treat; drank in celebration. Think birthdays, passing exams, New Years Eve that kind of thing. This means it’s not something that I drink frequently. Making Champagne School feel very exclusive.

Man pouring champagne into champagne flute

Champagne School teaches you everything you need to know about this bubbly drink. The difference between Champagne and Prosecco, what grape varieties are used to make Champagne, what makes a vintage Champagne and so much more information that you can show off to your friends and colleagues with. I won’t be giving you any of the answers though because, well that is cheating after all!

So now armed with my new knowledge when I buy my next bottle of Champagne it will be a much more informed choice.

You can book tickets to Champagne School here

Épernay Champagne Bar,
Great George St,
Leeds LS1 3DW

For those that don’t know Epernay’s is in the Electric Press a Grade II listed building. They have an indoor court yard that is beautiful to sit in summer or winter watching the world pass by. One of the most impressive features though is the walk-in Champagne cellar that is chilled to the optimum temperature. I now want one of these at home and of course a bar tender to pour me a glass or 3. Any volunteers?

Champagne Celler in Epernay Leeds

Would you like to go to Champagne School? If so you can find tickets here.


*I was lucky enough to be invited to try Champagne School for free but all opinions are my own, honest and belong to me with a glass of something chilled and bubbly in my hand.