XO Supper Club Leeds – A Pop Restaurant With a Difference

I never win anything. Now this is a little bit of a lie because I once won a fancy dress competition dressed as a giant tub of pop corn when I was 6. So, it would seem all my winnings are food related because I won tickets to the latest XO Supper Club pop up at Mr Nobody’s in Leeds.

“xo – a modern Asian supperclub doing sick food for the people of Leeds”

Mr Nobody’s was where XO Supper Club decided to hold this pop up restaurant. And I couldn’t think of a better place. We were treated to a cocktail menu that hinted to the menu that was to come. Our first drink of the evening was the XO Spritz, it was light and refreshing with the perfect hint of fizz.

Before we get to the food can we talk about the table settings?! Little lego men and origami swans were sat on the table waiting for us. The cellar restaurant of Mr Nobody’s allowed for an atmosphere that I don’t think I’ve experience in a restaurant. There was a buzz about the air.

xo supper club a cheese burger spring roll

Cheese burger spring rolls are what everyone was talking about at the end of the evening and rightly so. They were bloody fantastic, I am a massive cheese burger fan so this is what I was most excited about. I was not disappointed. I don’t know how they did it but damn it tasted like a Big Mac. Yummmm!

Next was a rather fancy cheese toasty. It was a little posher then I’ve ever made with perfectly spiced Thai chicken, with mozzarella and kaffir lime. These were certainly a modern asian spin on classics and they did not disappoint.

The next 2 course struck fear into Kevin’s heart. Octopus and S**T Ramen. He was once a very fussy eater but over the last 8 years I have slowly made him into the man he is today. He will try almost anything now including octopus and actually enjoy it.

The Octopus was lovely and not as fishy as I was expecting, tasty and no scary suckers to stick to your teeth. (I actually have no idea why this is a fear of mine). The S**T Ramen wasn’t shit at all. It was delicious. Not too spicy and no over powering coriander taste like I normally find with some ramens it was seasoned perfectly.

xo supper club bo-ssam pork wraps
Bo-ssam, slow cooked belly pork. Belly pork is one of my favourite cuts of meats and this did not disappoint. I loved the tiny tea cups filled with toppings. The crispy lettuce were the perfect compliment and making little wraps was a great way to end the savoury section of our meal.

xo supper club hangover cone ice cream with bacon and crisps
The infamous hangover cone. This is not something you want to avoid like a dreaded week day hangover. You welcome it with open arms. An excellent balance of salty and sweetness, is something that you wouldn’t initially think of pairing but works so well.

If you keep an eye on XO Supper Clubs Instagram and Twitter you may find them doing a takeover of venues around Leeds so you can try the Hangover Cone and Cheese Burger Spring Roll for your self!

I had a great evening and Kevin did too. Winning a competition to eat such amazing food was definitely a highlight of my month!