Brunch at Archive – Leeds

There is a point in our lives that when one has more than a couple of alcoholic beverages we wake up feeling awful the next day. Long gone are the days of going home a 4am and working at 7am. Ok that was never me because I was tired and in bed by 1am but I had friends that did it!

I went out on a Friday night after work; I made all the right choices, including a carb filled lunch for starters and snacks throughout the day. A few gins in the pub, then a chicken burger and chips and a few more gins. All this would have set 18 year old Michelle up for a hangover free morning.

Archive leeds brunch menu

Alas, I had a god awful hangover.

Anyway, this is all a long way of saying I was invited to Archive in Leeds for Brunch. And it basically cured me.

I maybe announcing a miracle?

Archive cured my hangover.

Brunch leeds sour dough toast with avocado bacon and fried egg

There is something about tea, toast and fried eggs that is everything you need. I also added a touch of avocado because green stuff and health is also important when youre hanging.

Since this fateful day I have also been back with my hard earned money to Archive and had exactly the same meal but with a hot chocolate as it was bloody freezing outside.

So why is Archive Leeds Great?

  • It is really affordable. Less than £10 for eggs, avocado, bacon, toast and a hot chocolate
  • Power points and USB sockets
  • A couple of free parking spaces (now be careful here I almost got a parking ticket, basically Monday – Saturday on the road outside don’t park on the single yellow line)
  • Friendly staff. It is not pretentious at all
  • Free WIFI
  • You can people watch. It’s next to the Emmerdale studios so you never know.


94 Kirkstall Road