Feed Leeds

Dare to travel out of central Leeds to what are locally known as the fancy suburbs aka Pudsey and you will find Feed. An all day bar and restaurant that won me over rather quickly because at its helm is the creators of xo supper club < Remember them? The awesome pop up in Leeds? Well you should and if you don’t. Shame on you.

Ok I am a little biased because hello giant pink neon on the wall. No Im kidding. Or am I? I suppose the food was rather good too. I had the avocado poached eggs on toast, because why wouldn’t you on a bank holiday Monday?! Also a hot chocolate with Almond milk, as there were autumn feels that day. It was good. Really good. I’ve eaten a lot of avocado on toast. But this was fresh and a little change to the norm.

I had high expectations for Feed and it met them. Yeah they can joke how they’ll be serving hipster food and coffee to all the millennial hipsters but you know what. They maybe just doing that but it’s bloody good. Not only is the food great, I rather love the decor. Neons, velvet and all the Scandi vibes.

I was welcomed on my lonesome, a table for 1 please, well me plus my book sat on a table where I could watch the world pass by but not feel in the way.

Even better. There is parking. Because this gal doesn’t particularly like public transport and if she can listen to country music without been judged loudly then she will. Good Vibes Only.

Bonus Photo*

*That’ll be all of 5 foot 2 inch me on my very tip toes next to the man who I never realised was that tall Jono. Mr Chef and man behind the ideas.

Feed Leeds

163 Richardshaw Lane
LS28 6AA