I Ate Seaweed For Tea

I ate Seaweed for tea and if that doesn’t make me a mermaid I don’t know what does?

Seamore kindly sent me some seaweed pasta to try out and since I’m on a bit of a health kick I decided to give it a try. Seamore say that their ‘founder mistook seaweed for pasta’, and I’m not going to lie I don’t how they mistook it for pasta because well it didn’t taste like pasta at all.

I love pasta, I would become a piece of pasta if I could. It’s not unknown for me to have a bowl of pasta and cheese for my tea. Yummm Carbs. I know a giant bowl of oh so delicious stodge isn’t great for you so a healthy alternative I was willing to try.

This is where I Sea Pasta comes in.

“I sea pasta looks like tagliatelle but is 100% wild, handpicked seaweed from Connemara, Ireland”

I seamore pasta recipe

I followed the cooking instructions which included soaking the seaweed in warm water for 20mins before boiling it. Now when it is cooking, don’t be put off because it does smell like the beach washed up in your kitchen. The water goes a murky sea green and you may wonder if you have made a massive mistake and will be going to the local chippy for tea.

You haven’t. Bare with it. Keep boiling away.

While I was boiling away I made a little chicken pasta thing.


Seamore I sea Pasta 

300g Diced Chicken – Free range or organic if you can
1 Onion – Diced
2 cloves of Garlic – Pressed in a garlic press thing
1 tin of chopped tomatoes – I used a basil and tom tin because I’m fancy
A handful of fresh chopped tomatoes – cherry or normal ones. What ever you have in the fridge
1 table spoon of tomato paste
Couple of basil leaves – If your feeling fancy but don’t worry if not
Splash of olive oil – Just the usual cooking oil will do



– Follow the instructions on the pasta packet to the letter. Don’t go freelance and add salt to the pan other wise you’ll end up with really salty seaweed.

– Brown off the chicken and put to the side

– In a splash of oil soften your onion and garlic then add the tomato paste

– Next add your tinned toms to the party in the pan inc a torn up basil leaf for extra tastiness

– Once the tomatoes are cooked through add you chicken back to the pan and mix well

– By this time your pasta should be done, drain it well and add to the pan. Mix it throughly together and serve while hot with some fresh tomatoes on top with a basil leaf if you fancy.


And there you have it. A healthy pasta alternative. Ok it doesn’t really taste like pasta but it doesn’t taste like I’d imagine seaweed too either. I have other meal alternatives here this is a babe of a sweet potato salad.

You can buy Seamore I Sea Pasta here

*I was sent Seamore I sea Pasta to try but all opinions are as always my own.