3 Things To Improve Your Weird Mood

Is it because the clocks went back last week and it now gets dark by 5pm? Or awas it the full moon last weekend? I’m not sure. Maybe its a touch of SAD but there is a strange feeling that seems to be in the air. That slump between Halloween and Christmas. The one where you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Them damp grey days. Ok, winter can kinda put you in a weird ass mood, one where you are dreaming of summer.


So lets take a look at 3 things you can do to improve your mood

1. Get outdoors. Leave the screens behind, turn off your laptop, phone or tablet and shut down the eternal glow face. (Glow face – what I call the I’m looking at my phone and I should be doing something else and my face is lit by the device) Fresh air does wonders for the soul, it allows you to take a break and realise that there is a world outside that 15inch screen. Wrap up warm and go for a walk. Which links up nicely to number 2.

2. Exercise. Blah, I know. I know. On a cold November day that last thing you want to do it hit the gym or pool. But I promise you will feel better for it. We all know that endorphins are the bodies happy/feel good chemicals and guess what 10-30mins of intense exercise will start to release these bad boys and gals. So get your power walk on if you cant face the gym, you may start to feel better soon.

3. Have a sofa day. I do think that sometimes it is just as important as number 1 – getting outdoors. A day on the sofa, wrapped up is an excellent cure for a grouchy mood. Maybe you’re not in the mood to speak to another human? May you just need a nap? You can’t go wrong with watching your favourite film or tv series and just having some time to you. I find a fluffy blanket, a film I’ve watched a thousand times is sometimes all I need.