Pumpkin Picking at Farmer Copley’s

I’m a big wuss, I don’t like scary films. I’ve hidden behind the sofa at sleep overs and made friends watch a Disney movie with me after watching a scary film as a teen. Even now at the grand old age of 27, more than 1 episode of stranger things on evening creeps me out.

I’ve turned down press events to Halloween Mazes, bailed out on going to scare days at theme parks and cancelled on friends who invite me to horror film showings. I promise I’d be crying in a corner and not sleeping for a week.

But I also love Halloween. The kitschy Americanised version of Halloween. Not the creepy, scary kind.

pumpkin patch field farmer copley pontefract

With this in mind when Jennie and Gina wanted to go Pumpkin picking at Farmer Copley’s, how could I turn down that opportunity?

I picked up the 2 lovely ladies at the train station and we made our way in my trust beetle to the farm.

This wasn’t my first pumpkin picking rodeo. But hell it was the busiest.


2 girls pumpkin picking with a green wheelbarrow at farmer copley in pontefract

Farmer Copley’s was heaving. We weren’t particularly late in the day either, around 11pm on a Sunday. Putting our £5 deposit down on a wheelbarrow and off we trundled into the field.

We spent a couple of hours looking for the perfect pumpkins, the right colour, shape and size. Popping the into our trusty wheel barrow and moving on to the next field with the ‘fancy pumpkins’.

fancy pumpkins orange and green at farmer copleys in pontefract

Filling our barrow was really satisfying. We choose a couple of pumpkins each and then went hunting for a few more perfect pumpkin specimens. Unfortunately while we were out pumpkin picking, some cretin stole our wheel barrow and our pumpkins.

I mean honestly, we were shocked and surprised that someone would do that. Even though we were disappointed we decided not to buy any pumpkins as the ones we wanted were stolen. We had a great day that also ended up with a pub lunch at the Kings Arms, on the Heath in Wakefield.  

After all we took cute photos and had a good time on an unseasonably warm October day. Thank you ladies that allowed me to go on a non-scary halloween / autumn adventure.


Farmer Copley’s
Ravensknowle Farm
Pontefract Road
West Yorkshire