Christmas Crafting With Viking

I can officially get my Christmas on. It’s the 1st December and let’s get the mulled wine out and say cheers. And this is exactly what I did at the Viking Arty Party Christmas event.

Now my love for Christmas begins on the 25th November and not normally a moment before that. But when I was invited Arty Party, a Christmas craft afternoon held on an unseasonably warm October Day. I made an exception. I put on my Star Wars Christmas T-shirt and got into the Christmas spirit.

christmas tree stacked with presentsTucked away in Lambert’s Yard  was a Christmas wonderland, festive music, mulled wine and of course a tree stacked high with presents. I was ready to get my craft on.

Christmas Craft Afternoon with Viking – Block Printing

First up was block printing with Tea and Crafting, the last time I did block printing was maybe in art college 10 years ago. This time I went for a simple festive design. A Christmas tree design made from a triangle printed twice, something that could be easily replicated and made into a cute pattern. Who knew playing with paint could be so much fun? I’ll be storing all my Christmas cards in this file.

Christmas Craft Afternoon with Viking – Advent Calendar

home made chritsmas crackers


Our next craft session was making an advent calendar; out of the most gorgeous glittery paper that a girl has ever seen. I mean it was bloody lovely. You know that glittery paper that your teacher at school wouldn’t let you have? Yeah that one. The good paper. The plan was to make 24 crackers and stuff them with little surprises to make a super cute advent calendar. I have slightly adapted this and made just enough for everyone for Christmas day, including crap cracker jokes.

Christmas Craft Afternoon with Viking – Calligraphy

Now this is the only picture I took, why because calligraphy is chuffing difficult. It took all my concentration to be able to write my own name never mind think about taking photos. Joyce from Artsynibs however did a wonderful job of teaching us, she made it look so easy and fluid. This is the craft that I have since tried again at home. I’m still no master but I am getting better.

mulled wine and a christmas wreath

Now then, a big thank you goes to Viking for inviting me to the #vikingartyparty. I had such a good afternoon getting my Christmas craft on.

Is there any Christmas crafts that you want to try this festive season?