5 Goals for 2018

I’m not one for making new year resolutions are such. They tend to be generic and almost set you up for failure. With this in mind and the fact that I don’t want to make some pretend rules; that I will inadvertently feel guilty about breaking.I have made a list of 5 goals that I want to try and live by in 2018.


5 goals for 2018

1. I want to try and and live more ethically. From using less plastic, trying not to impulse buy items and to think about where we buy our meat from. There’ll be no grand changes but I’m hoping a few small ones will help me to live a little more sustainably.

2. Learn to say no. To be honest, I’ve made leaps and bounds this year in saying ‘no’ or ‘no thank you’ but there is always room for improvement. Damn that British – must say yes to everything attitude as not to upset the person asking.

3. Travel. 2017 saw us travel significantly less than we have done in the past. I do have itchy feet, to go exploring again.

4. To fall in love with taking photos again. Simply put, when you take photos everyday for your job. It gets a little tiresome. But 2018, I want to pick up my camera more.

5. See more of the UK, for Christmas I got a National Trust Membership this will allow us to explore stately homes and national trust properties all over the United Kingdom.

So there you go. 5 little points that I want to try and achieve. Nothing too daunting, just will be good to aim for throughout the year.

Whats your plans for 2018?