Your late 20’s Are Nowhere Near As Scary You Think And This Is Why

I’m about to turn 28 and by some sort of miracle I’m not having of melt down. Currently 30 doesn’t seem that daunting.


Your late 20’s Are Nowhere Near As Scary You Think And This Is Why

1. You learn to say no, even though that is something I’m to improve on. No, to the after work party I don’t want to really attend. No, to the friends who well aren’t really friends and No, to your lazy/rude/boring attitude that saying no can invoke.

2. You can kinda cook. Don’t get me wrong there are still kitchen disasters where we get a takeout but 9/10 I can make something a bit more exciting than fish fingers and chips. (I do bloody love fish fingers and chips though)

3. Learning to listen to your body. This ones taken time, but now I’m 99% dairy and caffeine free and feeling much better. I’m also happy in my own space. Taking myself out for a coffee and giving my brain a rest from too much human interaction is also a godsend.

4. The self-doubt is easing. The imposter syndrome is slowly fading. Confidence is starting to win out.

5. The world keeps turning and learning that you can’t control everything can be difficult. Just go with the flow. It’ll all be kinda ok in the end. 2017 taught me that.

Did I have quarter life crisis?

At 24, I hated the thought of turning 25. It terrified me. I was a grump weeks before and a good week or 2 after my birthday. It filled me with dread. A quarter of a century old. It felt like such a big mile stone. Maybe it was because I wasn’t a 100% happy in the job I was in, maybe it was just a pre conceived notion that by 25 we should have everything planned out and hitting them elusive goals. And I kinda did have it all planned out. I knew where I wanted to be, I was just struggling to quiet reach that goal.

The quarter life crisis as I like to call it came and went. It lasted a couple of months where I was doubting my identity as an adult. I did however realise that not a lot changes once the clock strikes midnight on the day of your 25th birthday. No magical grey hairs start to sprout. I didn’t suddenly gain any extra wrinkles. And not a single person said I should have my shit together. Life as a newly 25 year old just carried on as it did at 22, 23 and 24.


Back to 27 and 363.5 days old.

There’s no oh shit moment. Just a quiet confidence that I’m going to boss 28. 

I guess 28 is officially late 20’s. Even though 27 is almost too. I’ve not felt old as such this last year, apart from that time when all the fresh faced junior doctors started at work and I realised I was a good few years older than most of them. Oh and I suddenly became aware that I wasn’t down with the kids when listening to the Radio, I didn’t know 4 songs back to back. I switched officially from Radio 1 to Radio 2 in the car. I’m happier for that.

Embracing 28, is exciting. I want to see what I can accomplish this year. I set some goals for 2018 that you can read here but I also have some other plans that I am working on. They’re not ground breaking or anything but they are hopefully going to make 2018 pretty awesome.

So there you have it. A quick post to say that your late 20’s ain’t that bad.