Valentine’s Day: Alternative Things To Do When You’re Single 2017

I haven’t been a single Pringle in a while, but there is so no need to become a hermit and pretend that Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist if you are. Every year it seems to be marketed heavily towards couples, but hello a little bit of self-loving on V-Day is most definitely allowed. In fact any day of the year it’s allowed!

1.Have a pamper evening, face mask + book + no phone (unless your balancing it behind the taps in the bath to watch a film). It also can include a bath and a fancy bath bomb or a long shower, and then wrap up in your dressing gown.

2. Go out with friends. Maybe a girly afternoon with cocktails? Lunch or go fancy and for afternoon tea.

3. Buy yourself some pretty underwear; wear it on its own around the house or even under your work clothes to feel extra sassy.

4. Take a seat on the sofa, with snacks in easy reach and settle in for a night with your secret man crush *hello Jon Hamm* binge watch a few episodes of your fav show staring them or maybe a film or 2.

5. Go on a day date by yourself. The cinema is a perfect choice, even if you go with someone you sit in the dark, not talking for 2 hours. And by yourself you don’t have to share the pick-a-mix.

6. Pop to the market and get yourself some fresh flowers, they’ll brighten up home and are the perfect indulgence if can’t normally justify them.

7. Bake something. Chocolate chip muffins? Yes please. Of course you can steal one or two fresh out of the oven.

It’s not that scary to be single on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate you; we don’t get to do that very often. And if all else fails, really it’s just another day in the year, so don’t put pressure on yourself to make a big thing out of it.

Are you planning a little bit of self loving this year?