Valentine’s Day: Alternative Things To Do As A Couple 2017

I’ve never been one for going out for a meal on the 14th February for Valentine’s celebrations, there are a few reasons why but I refuse to pay extra for a meal just because it’s the V-Day, sat a little bit too close to other couples looking into each other’s eyes eeek and the service can be a cruddy because it’ll be busy.

Here’s a list of other things that you could do instead of the usual meal out malarkey.

1. A good old Marks and Spencers meal deal, they even do a special V-day menu with a bottle of something sparkly for £20.

2. Pick up a lush bath bomb or 2 and treat yourselves to a shared bath, try not to argue who has to sit against the taps though.

3. Go out and do an activity, one year we went ice skating at the local rink. It was empty and all kinds of fun.

4. If you have the day off or it falls on a weekend, wrap up warm and take a trip to the seaside. Share some chips on the seafront and maybe a bag of donuts.

5. Make a den. We did this on New Year’s Day and it was so much fun, we watched films, ordered a takeaway and sat snuggled up inside.

6. Get dressed up, put on some fancy clothes but stay in play some music and dance in your living room.

7. Head out for a coffee and cake, maybe your local shop will do heart shaped biscuits? Hold hands, giggle, maybe have a cheeky kiss and treat it like a date
When it comes down to it make the day your own, just be a couple and do what makes you happy. I know people that would love to go for a fancy meal out, me less so. You don’t have to buy into the whole grand gesture thing either, especially if you can’t really afford it. Something small and thoughtful will mean just as much.


Do you have any plans for the 14th?