I Love Spring and 6 Spring Activities

Hello March, how have you come around so quickly? Spring is here. The daffodils are appearing and the cherry blossom is starting to flower. Lighter evenings are creeping closer. It’s now light at 5pm and it really does feel like the weather is starting to be a little less wintery.

I haven’t always loved spring. It’s taken me by surprise. The air smells fresh; there is something about the marginally warmer days.  The fact that I come home from work and it doesn’t feel like the middle of the night anymore because that is the real killer.

I love the change in seasons, I love the daffodils, cherry blossoms and snowdrops, I love bare legs and open toe shoes and been able to spend more time outdoors.

Vintage Beetle under blossom tree Spring

Top 6 Spring Activities

A trip to the beach, perfect timing before all the summer crowds arrive and you have to fight for a spot on the sand. March is the ideal time for this spring activity. Get ready for doughnuts and 2p machines.

Farmers markets start to make more of a regular appearance, get up early on a Sunday pick up some local bread and cheese. Take your tasty goodies on a walk and have a picnic in the park.

Spring cleaning, I know it’s a bit of a cliché but having a good old fashioned spring clean is good for the soul. De clutter, donate unwanted items to your local worthwhile charity or take eBay by storm.

Sit outside at a coffee shop or even brave the beer garden. Enjoy your coffee, watch the world go by and listen to the birds. If it’s still a little chilly grab a window seat inside instead.

Visit a local farm to see the new arrivals. At our local farm they have lots of lambs and who can say no to baby animals. You maybe even able to feed them, which I’m not gonna lie is my favourite part.

Go for a drive. Specifically for me, it means my vintage Beetle comes out of hibernation. It’s warm enough to give a classic car a good run and blow away the winter cobwebs.


Do you have any plans for Spring?