5 Things That Happen When You Quit Drinking

Hello, my name is Michelle and I haven’t had a drink in 21 days.

This isn’t an admission for alcoholics anonymous but a long winded look at 5 things that happen when you quit drinking.

Here are 5 things I’ve learnt so far.

1. A virgin cocktail just doesn’t sound alluring. “Mocktails” will be my go to. Whats even more annoying when you find the alcohol free cocktails in the kids section of the menu? HELLO! I’m not 12 wanting a ‘grown up’ drink. I am 27 awaiting surgery and have to be the healthiest I can be.

2. Please don’t be annoyed if I don’t stay out late. There is nothing more irritating when you are stone cold sober then drunk people.

3. Alcohol free beer and cider is kinda gross. Syrupy sugary nastiness. (If you have any nice recommendations let me know)

4. Been the designated driver is a bit shit when everyone else is off their face giving you directions.

5. People are quick to judge. No I’m not pregnant *massive massive eye roll.

Please appreciate this fancy GIF*

And do you know what? I didn’t think I would find not drinking hard but its been a little more difficult then I imagined it would be. Maybe it’s because there was a week off work, a bank holiday weekend and oh so many pictures of delicious looking cocktails on Instagram thrown into the mix.

I enjoy a glass of wine on the odd evening during the week. A couple of cocktails after work on a Friday. Maybe a Gin with brunch on a weekend. But I can also go a week without having an alcoholic drink. I am often the designated driver and honestly do not need a drink to enjoy my evening out. I’ll happily just have a singular gin and lemonade and that’ll do me.

Out of my group of friends, I’m the one that doesn’t like clubs and will happily be home and in bed by midnight. I hate shots with a passion, they give me instant indigestion and often they almost come out of my nose. Yes I am old.

Now potentially it’s being told that I cant drink that makes me want one even more. Forever the rebel I know. And I have around 11 more weeks of not drinking so lets see how this goes.

Just putting it out there that once I get the go ahead from my medical team i’ll be having the biggest Gin and lemonade you ever did see.