9 Reusable Cups Under £20

Happy Earth Day!

Here are 9 fun reusable cups that you can find online or in store. They are all under £20 and start at a snip at only £2.50 so there is no excuse. You could even make your cup free after 10 takeout Starbucks using your new shiny environmentally friendly travel cup (totally justifiable with a 25p per drink discount).

1. Kate Spade  £16.00
2. Urban Outfitters £5.00 (its in the sale)
3. ASDA £2.50
4. Thermos £10.95
5. John Lewis £15.00
6. Paperchase £10.00
7. Amazon £10.49
8. Keep Cup £13.00
9. Starbucks £16.95


Did you read yesterdays post? If not you can read it here. (Did you find the point I made about using reusable cups?)

Now I’m a firm believer in a reusable cup. In fact I have 3 or 4 and am currently banned from buying anymore. I have a Starbucks stainless steel one that I use at work and it’s awesome because it keeps my tea warm when I’ve forgotten about it. A keep cup for in the car and for car boots on a Sunday morning because its lightweight. And a Kate Spade one for when I want something a little more on the larger size.

Do you have a favourite reusable cup?