Not a Self Help Book

This maybe an unpopular opinion but I kinda of hate self help books they just don’t work for me. But the blogosphere is awash with books that you should read to ‘help’ you but I just don’t feel them.

First there was The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k , then I bought Gala Darlings Radical Self-Love,  and now there is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. And well I can’t get on board with that either. The internet tells me I should love these book but I don’t.

I can’t even get past the first few chapters of Big Magic. I’ve tried more than once but I’ve had this book over a month now and I just can’t. I can’t even tell you what it really is about. There is something about self-help books that kind of annoy me. Maybe they do wonderful things for some people but me they just make my inner self rage a little.

The language used doesn’t grab me and pull me in. It’s all a bit floaty and ‘capacity to transform yourself’ blah blah. Someone is also making a lot of money from these books. Be it the authors or the publishers. They are writing what you want to read. It’s generic and written to pull on all your emotions to be a ‘better’ you.

There is no real eloquent way of putting it. They’re just a bit shit.

I did however hope that the Big Magic would change my perspective on self  help books. It has 4 1/2 stars out of 5 on amazon. Obviously some people enjoy it, I’m just not one of them.

So why do I end up buying these books?

Maybe it’s because I am an advertisers dream and a sucker for buying what I think I need rather than what I actually need? Maybe it’s because I somehow think that one of these books will suddenly leave me enlightened and solve all my insecurities? I don’t know. But what ever it is, I promise that I will not buy an another bloody self help book! Here it is in black and white and you can hold me to this!


It surely can’t be just me that struggles with self help books?