Denim For Hair with BBlonde

Over the years I have had my hair many colours. It is a well known fact that after a few months; normally around the 6-8 month mark, I start to want to change my hair. So when BBlonde* got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to try out their new Maximum Colour Toners I couldn’t say no.

These Toners are gentle on the hair and are meant to last around 8 washes. They also smell amazing. Your hair does need to be a fairly light blonde though to start with. Mine was heavily highlighted, I guess in an ombre style as I didn’t want to contend with 6 weekly regrowth. It also matched the colour sample on the box perfectly, I was excited to start.

Firstly I tried Rose Gold but found that it didn’t give me the pink tones I was hoping for. It gave my blonde hair a nice golden tone but there wasn’t the pink there. I think you will have to be a platinum blonde for this toner to give you the pink tones.

So next I decided that I would go straight to the Denim shade and well I love it. Other then red this blue has been my most favourite shade yet.

This product was easy to use, it took less than an hour. I followed all the instructions, even put a shower cap on my head and blasted it with a hair dyer for 5 minutes. Washed off the toner and saw the first hints of blue.

Top Tip: Grab a pair of gloves before you start other wise you will end up with blue hands.

After 2 washes I applied the other half of the bottle to top up the colour but I can see it perfectly fading out to a grey blue in the next few washes. The next Maximum Colour Toner on my hit list is Lilac.

Shirt – Newlook | Jeans – Forever21 | Trainers – Converse | Glasses – Specsavers |


Do you fancy a colour change for summer?