Going For Brunch Alone in Olive & Rye

We’re in that funny bit of time between Christmas and New Year. It is where time seems to disappear and days seem to merge into one another. This year seems somewhat worse then normal, maybe because Christmas was on a Sunday and we got that weird extra Bank Holiday day.

So to combat the Netflix binge, the cabin fever that sets in after 3 days of not leaving the house and the 6 days of friends and family visiting. I escaped for brunch at Olive & Rye in the Queens Arcade.

Sometimes it is all you need to get out for a few hours, have a brew and be in your own company. I know this can be daunting and I’ve yet to ever go for a full restaurant meal on my own but coffee or tea in a cute cafe seems like a compromise.

Olive & Rye has only been open 6 weeks or so, it is a Deli but has a cafe/restaurant attached. I’m sure most people in Leeds have tried Hepworth’s Deli, they do amazing all day brunch and their wine selection isn’t to be moaned at. This means obviously I had to frequent Olive & Rye as it is also run and owned by the same Joe Hepworth of Hepworth’s Deli, so this was on my radar ever since I saw it pop up on Facebook.

I had a portion of Chorizo Baked Beans on Sourdough Toast and it was a rather nice 11am pick me up with a cuppa tea. I was going to go with a fancy coffee but since I already had my caffeine hit while shopping earlier tea it was.

It was empty when I arrived and I got seated quickly and meant I could take a pretty interior shot. I think the combination of a weird Bank Holiday Tuesday and it not been quiet lunch meant that I got to eat in peace and make plans in my notebook without the hustle of a busy cafe. When I asked the waiter though he said it does get pretty busy with the lunch time crowd.

I’ll be more than likely visiting again soon, I want to try more of the menu and maybe one of the events they do on an evening. It’s somewhere that I’d also go with my Mum if we were going shopping on a weekend, waiter service is a massive bonus and makes it feel that bit nicer then a greasy spoon and going to order at the till.

I swear at some point a few years ago I had visited every coffee place and restaurant in Leeds. Now I can’t keep up with new places that are opening. And yes thats pretty amazing.