2006 vs 2016 and 15 Things I Tell 16 Year Old Me

I had to jump on the bandwagon of 2006 vs 2016 and take a look at the fact that I no longer bleach every little bit of life out of my hair and heavy ’emo’ eyeliner has disappeared. Instead I found lipstick, glasses that I now have to wear all the time and lost the bleach for the moment. Also found five guys!

Hello 16 year old me in the next 10 years a few things will happen:

1. You will leave school with good range of academic GCSEs but you will go to Art College and study fashion design

2. Fashion design will still be your thing for 2 years and you will move to Uni to do Costume Design and hate it then leave after 3 months. This is not the end of the world, I repeat not the end of the world.

3. When you fall in love it will happen fast and hard.

4. Moving back home will be traumatic and you’ll last 2 months, move in with your new boyfriend have a little commitment panic but that will pass. You’re now 19, sassy but working in Burger King part time isn’t cutting it anymore, this isn’t forever I promise.

5. Decide to reevaluate your life choices and start an 8 week night school course in Photography, this will keep you occupied and you will play less Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii.

6. Oh God, UCAS! Sorry this is as awful as you remembered it first time around.

7. You will make another grownup choice – you are now doing a degree in photography. Full time. You will realise it’s more expensive then a degree in costume design but fall in love with the darkroom and spend ours developing film and prints.

8.  Wowsers, 3 years will fly by and you’ll graduate. You will hate photography, but this again will pass.

9. Ok so now you’ve graduated, you won’t be able to find a job as it’s the middle of a recession. You will realise you can’t afford to do the travel thing so hello you choose to spend 5 months in the French alps playing chalet girl. It will be difficult and you’ll spend a few teary nights on the phone back home to your beau but then you’ll also love the mountain life.

10. You’ll spend the next 18 months working part time at a 5-a-side football club. You’ll learn some awfully amazing team names that work beautifully for the pub quiz ‘stroke titty’ anyone?

11. You did it! Your first full time job! It’s agency work for a year covering maternity but its photography related and hello money and all the things you can buy and the adventures you can now afford.

12. Next will come the soul destroying interviews for the job you really want. Keep trying, keep applying because it will all pay off.

13. Congratulations it’ll take 5 years since leaving uni the first time, you will have stressed out, cried, laughed, lost all hope and applied for some very questionable jobs but you did it. 25 year old you will be proud that you stuck it out and made it finally.

14. Oh here comes the study again, you thought you had finished but this is only for 1 year, it’ll fly by and you will pass all your assignments even though there will be a stressful moment or 3 waiting for the results to be emailed to you. Don’t forget about the student discount that has magically appeared too, it’s not all bad!

15. You’ll almost be 27 at the end of these 10 years, way past the melt down you will have just before turning 25. Life is good.

You don’t know where you will be in 10 years and I think I am testament to this, I’ve worked crappy jobs, left uni and started again, been in a relationship 8 of them 10 years. Cried happy and sad tears but overall got through it.

So I guess this is the hello and welcome.


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