3 ways I went Plastic Free in July

There are a few things that I am a little passionate and mildly obsessive about and one of them is reducing my use of plastic. Plastic free July was the perfect cause for me to get on aboard with.

A reusable cup. They’re everywhere. I have various ones for a while now. I am currently using a Boden one that I was kindly given at a Giff Gaff saves event. It comes with me to work, in the car, well pretty much everywhere. I am even planning to take it on my next flight as getting a brew in a polystyrene cup is not fun. I wrote post about cute cups for earth day.

Lunch Boxes. In a money saving attempt, I am also inadvertently reducing my plastic use. Making an extra portion at tea time is an easiest way to not only save money but also stop on the single use plastic. (If not I’ve tried to eat in at the work canteen and this eliminates the plastic and you get to be civilised with a plate, knife and folk)

Straws. These are my biggest bug bare. There is no excuse to use a plastic straw. Get a bloody paper one. A fancy metal one or even a bamboo one? Whatever you fancy, just no plastic straws please. If you have them in you cupboard use them up and when you come to rebuy go for a eco-friendly option.

There are ways I can still improve; I will be looking at alternative or plastic free bin liners and rubbish bags and I will be trying to remember to take a clean reusable bag when I go clothes shopping. No one wants to pop your new dress in with your weekly shop.

What I have learnt is not to feel guilty about my plastic use. Yes there are ways I can improve but someone please tell me why everything from the supermarket is wrapped in plastic?!

Plastic Free July Resources

Plastic Free July

Surfers Against Sewage: “Plastic pollution is the ‘new sewage’ is a good place to start.

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