USA Road Trip Tips – Volume Three

This has been sat in my drafts for shall we say a little bit too long. But here is Volume three of my USA Road Tips Series. You can read part one here and two here.

Rail Road crossing in the USA Road Trip Tips

Welcome back to the Wandering part of Wandering Curiosities. Lets kick off part three with more driving in America tips …

1. Toll Roads
In the UK there are a few toll roads around but over all most roads you don’t have to pay to drive on. When we’re in the USA we normally try to stick to the back roads and avoid the interstates. But sometimes we’ve come across toll roads on the instate more so in Florida then anywhere else. Now tolls seem to have 2 main lanes to choose from an electronic system that you pre pay for like E-Z Pass and Sun Pass depending on the state and cash booths for those without the pass. Car hire companies often try to sell you the electronic pass and it’s totally up to you if you take it. (We did for Florida because driving on the interstate a lot, not only between the Disney parks but also along the coast we got our moneys worth.) If you decide not to take the electronic pass the tolls are not terrifying. You either throw some change into a bucket and barriers lower then you drive off. Keep your quarters in a pot as most seem to be around the 50c to $1.25 and don’t give change. If not a chuck and go bucket, there is a person that lives in booth. You roll up pay the lady get your change and off you go. Not scary at all. There are always prices as you approach and arrows pointing you towards the correct lane. If you drive though the pass lanes and you don’t have a pass, you can expect a bill in the post from the hire company at a later date.

2. Police
There is a chance you may get pulled by the police. We’ve driven over 5000miles across the states and been pulled once. And that was when Kevin was speeding a little in Texas. We were lucky and got a way with a stern warning but it was an experience I didn’t want to repeat. So what to do if you get pulled over. Same as at home really; be polite, honest and stay calm. We pulled over to the hard shoulder, the officer came over to the passenger side and spoke to Kevin. He wanted to see a copy of the rental agreement and Kevin’s license (we also handed over his international driving permits), asked us where we were going and what we were doing in the states. Told us to watch our speed and that if he wanted to he could take us in front of a judge and fine us mega bucks. Then Mr Nice Officer let us on our way.

3. Roadside Attractions
Honestly these are my favourite thing about driving across America. From giant papier-mache dinosaurs eating a miniature person, to concrete wigwams and the worlds 2nd largest rocking chair. These places are in my opinion totally worth pulling over for. I’ve met not only wonderful people at these roadside attractions, I’ve purchased some awesome gift shop products and 99% of the time they are independently run. The people that run these are often just as quirky as the attractions them selves. Ask them where to go for dinner you never know where you will end up.

4. Just enjoy the drive!


This is the last in the mini series of American road trip tips written by a British Gal who loves adventure! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.