A New Travel Obsession Featuring Icelolly.com

Last month I realised that my passport had expired. This instantly gives me itchy feet, knowing that I can’t travel outside of the United Kingdom makes me want to travel even more. I cant be the only one?

So yesterday I finally got round to popping to the post office to collect a form.

Applying for a new passport with Photo Booth images and filling out paperwork

Top Tip: Don’t go on a Monday before lunch if you don’t want to queue behind 20+ people collecting their pension.

Hunted down a Photo Booth to get my photo taken and sat down to fill out my form in black biro. This morning I pottered back to the post office and sent my old passport, newly taken photos that will haunt for the next 10 years and £72.50 of my hard earned cash.

I am now counting down the 3 weeks until my shiny new passport arrives back.

So at the weekend I went to a little event called Blog at the Beach hosted by the lovely folks at icelolly.com

This not only inspired me to renew my passport but as the theme this time was Ibiza I had to go and have a little nosey at what the notorious party island had to offer … Other than the 18-30 scene.

It is well known that I much prefer to be tucked up in bed by mid-night rather than partying the night away stood a bit too close to someone else who is a bit sweaty. Ok I know that there is obviously more going to Ibiza than this. I had until this week stereotyped this Balearic isle.

A little search later an I am now desperate to take a trip around the island. I wasn’t expecting to find beautiful images of hidden coves, mountain villages with fresh water springs, hot air balloon rides and yoga retreats.

Maybe next time some cheap flights to Ibiza pop up. Or an icelolly.com email pops in my inbox with some amazing deal for a week in Ibiza. I’ll be booking an adventure to the white isle (as long as my passport arrives back soon)

Do you have a new travel obsession?