USA Road Trip Tips – Volume Two

When I wrote the volume one road trip tips post I promised a volume two and well here it is.

So volume one mainly looked at Car hire and a few basics for your road trip. Now I’m ready to impart some more wisdom of sorts.

1. Food
Your eating habits will more than likely take a hit on your trip. Hello glorious gas station stops and your all so amazing selection of goodies. Most of the time it’ll be either pre packaged food that is full of salt and crap you wouldn’t normally eat. Them weird hotdogs that roll around on a metal spinning thing, the kinda that was in the cinema mid 90s. For gods sake please don’t eat one of them! But maybe if you’re lucky it’ll have a fast food joint attached, Subway I’m looking at you. Hello fresh-ish bread and wilted salad. And and and a chicken salad sub is not the same as the English one, it’s a strange concoction in what I can only describe as chunks of chicken in potato salad dressing. Ewwww.

I would also recommend buying bottled water rather than drinking litres of pop and ice tea. But do treat your self to a Slurpee at least once it’s a day. Blue raspberry <3 you are my bea!

2. Health
You will be sat on your arse for a considerable amount of time, especially if you are travelling more than a couple of miles. Pull in at rest stops as often as you need to, not only for a toilet break but also to stretch your legs and move more then 10 inch in front of you.

Your mental health may take a hit too, you really get to know someone when you’re sat in a car with them for 5-9 hours 7+ days. When you’re out of the car, take time to be alone if you need to. Even if it’s taking an extra 5 minuets in the shower or having a bath. You’ll be greatful for the breathing space. Road tripping is exhausting, so don’t feel like you have to be excited to get in the car every day, there is a good chance that a couple of days you won’t want to get back into the box on wheels. Don’t stress it.

Travel at your own pace, maybe one day you’ll only drive for 2 hours and cover 75 miles that’s ok, or maybe you’ll drive 9 hours and cover 600 long miles. Either way try and enjoy the drive, if it all gets too much find a motel and stop for the night. Econolodges are normally our emergency night on the road stop, they’re cheap, clean and normally there is one close.

3. Playlist
Start thinking of your playlist, make it a good one. Plenty of choice, lots of songs and maybe an audiobook? There is 0 point relying on the radio, in some places it may drift in and out and it’s not fun listening to static for hours on end. If you can pick up a station it may not be what you usually listen too; heavy rock, country, religious, pop – nothing is guaranteed. And the adverts, chuff me! They are endless, but you’ll get 1 or maybe 2 stuck in your head forever, be warned. “We’ll see ya in a Kia” will never ever leave my brain.


This is volume 2 over and out!

If you have any tips that I missed let me know in the comments. I’ll try and add them to volume 3 as well as looking at driving essentials, toll booths and that time we got pulled over by the police!