Travel Is Good For The Soul But So Is A Staycation

Travel is good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be far-flung, it can be 100 miles or so down the road. Sometimes though we miss the things that are under our feet for more exotic destinations. I’m not sure how close you have to stay for a ‘staycation’ (yeah I don’t really like that word. It’s not a real word is it?) I am however classing it as travel within a couple of hundred miles oh home. No crazy flights, same currency but just a different derelict.

Stonehenge on a moody english day perfect staycation

So pack your bags, go on a mini adventure and explore somewhere close to home, yup I’m throwing staycation out there again.

It is kind of refreshing to be a tourist in your own country. There will be places you’ve never visited but always wanted too. For me this was Stonehenge. 230 miles ish away from home and I got to visit this magical site that has so many unanswered questions surrounding it. Like how the chuff did they get the stones there? Even though there were so many tourists including me, there was a calm serenity close to the stones. (If you go on the summer solstice you can actually get up close to them which I think would be amazing). Stonehenge has been on a list of places to visit for a while now and I am so glad we went instead of spending a small fortune jetting off else where and missing visiting the site.

There really is something about adventures that make me feel a little more content than a weekend in the house. I always feel energised and excited for the week ahead after a change of scenery for a few hours. Maybe it’s the inner traveller in me and the need to satisfy my wanderlust but I just can’t help myself. Be it far away or a little closer to home for a erm … a staycation, I find travel good for my soul.

Is there anywhere that you’d like to visit a little closer to home?