It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Mulled Wine edition

I write this as the first snow of the season is falling. It seems kind of poetic. I love winter, crisp days and fresh snow. Sadly I think the whole of England is covered in a blanket of thick snow expect this little corner of West Yorkshire. But it’s actually beginning to feel a little Christmassy.

Mulled wine and a christmas doughnut donut in front of a christmas treeToday I have put the Christmas Tree up and drank some home made mulled Rose wine. Which is most definitely the way to go. Ate a donut for breakfast and another one as a snack later. Christmas is the bestest. This one was an egg nog donut from Temple Coffee and Donuts and I think it may have been the best donut ever. Or it was the 3 mugs of mulled wine I drank while decorating the tree.

donut bauble and robot bauble on a Christmas tress

This year the tree is a little later up than normal. I’m a 1st December kinda gal. This year it fell into the depth of the 10th December. Moving house and fighting the battle of endless boxes, the last thing I wanted to do was unbox the Christmas tree and decorations. However my first free Sunday in a while and the promise of snow I finally felt a little festive. Time to make Rose Mulled wine and eat another donut.

egg nog donut and rose mulled wine

Rose Mulled Wine

Open a bottle of cheap Rose Wine and add to a pan

Add 4 tablespoons of brown sugar to the pan and stir

Next add around 300ml of water and stir again

Chuck in 2 Schwartz Mulled Wine Sachets and stir again (these are absolutely genius)

Warm through for 10 mins but don’t boil as you’ll burn off all the alcohol

Take out the sachets

Now the final step add a glug of Creme De Cassis around 4 tablespoons

Pour into your favourite Christmas mug and enjoy.