Just a little catch up

Wine on a bamboo table overlooking the country side with rayon club masters

Time is passing by and it is suddenly May. I haven’t blogged in almost a month. So indulge me will you and lets have a little catch up.

2nd April – I drank a breakfast Martini at 1pm in the afternoon

3rd April – I met up with a friend for Thai food and had a girly catch up

7th April – Flew to Heidelberg and spent a week exploring the city

19th April – Sat and drank wine on the balcony afterwork and got a little tipsy on a school night

26th April – Spa day, with 3 of the best girl friends

29th April – First open water swim of the season (remember how much I loved it last season)

1st May – A day trip to Lincoln

5th Mary –  Bank holiday weekend in Blackpool

So there you have it. Its been a busy few weeks. Throw in work, life and everything else and this and I some how haven’t blogged in near on a month. So many bloggers apologies for there time away from their blogs but us that work full time and blog on the side have a whole different set of challenges to those that blog full time. Maybe I’ll touch on that at a later date.

For now, I have posts to plan that make me smile!