Evolution by surprise

What happens when you find your blog is evolving and it takes you by surprise?

Thats a very good question.

And one I am not sure on the answer just yet.

When I started writing on this little spot on the internet I was unsure on what direction it would take me. It was always going to be a place where my ramblings would be documented.

The direction was always all about Leeds and then a little hint of what was going on in my world.

As it happened people seemed to enjoy reading and I felt comfortable writing that.

There was a pressure to create new content, one that I mainly put on myself. To post once or twice a week. And for a while I was doing that. I kept up with events in Leeds as well as writing new content for myself.

I felt burnt out at a year of doing this (big ups to the folk that have been doing this for years on end). In that year there has been some pretty big changes in my life. I’ve moved house, had major surgery and thrown myself into work. Life seemed to start to move at a million miles an hour, I almost couldn’t keep up.

Now we are here, with a weird sense of guilt for not regularly posting. Along with the fact that the content I want to post isn’t the same as it was in June 2017.

So yeah, alright folks. Lets get ready, for potentially a little change around here.

My blog is evolving and I am trying to keep up with it.