A Photo an Hour Birthday Addition

Happy 27th Birthday too me! I thought it would be an excellent idea to do my first photo an hour on my birthday. HA great idea Michelle! Will you ever learn?

This was the first time in 5 years that I wasn’t working on my birthday so had an epic lie in then popped out into Leeds for food and a drink. Since I’ve been declaring it my birthday weekend for 2 days already, I was lucky enough to be chauffeured by Kevin meaning I could enjoy a glass of wine.







So I’m now sat here waiting for a takeaway to come and realising that I’m not going to take any more photos today because 1. I want to enjoy the rest of my Birthday Evening before I go back to work tomorrow. 2. I’m sat in my jamas on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. 3. My camera battery is dead.


Here’s to 27! Lets see what this year brings!