5 top suitcase tips

There is a certain point in your life when you realise you need more than one suitcase. One for that summer holiday, one for that weekend break and one for when you’re flying hand luggage only. You can read about that almost disaster here. So here are the 5 top suitcase tips.

suitcases stacked on top of a bed.

5 things to think about when buying a new suitcase

1. Durability. The best cases in my opinion are tough. They need to withstand airline luggage handlers, cargo holds, stairs and hundreds of miles around airports.

2. Wheels. Now, I am a massive fan of the 4 wheeled case. They’re much easier to maneuver but also sturdier for sitting on in the check in queue. A good suitcase, the wheels have to be tough. They can’t snap off after one trip.

3. Capacity. There are them cases that appear huge but then you open them up there is no room inside for that must have extra swim suit never mind any touristy tat you want to bring home.

4. Weight. Lighter the better, but you also have to consider durability. It maybe amazingly light and low cost but if it falls apart after one use its pointless. Hard shell vs a fabric shell is also something to think about when it comes to weight ratios.  

5. Cost. I am a believer in that you need to spend a little bit of money on a suitcase if you want it to last. In recent years I have chosen to spend slightly more on a case and know it was going to last. I’ve recently bought cases at TKmaxx and have been eyeing up a case or two from the latestdeals*.

suitcase and neck pillow on a bed ready for packing

Types of Suitcases

Long haul suitcase

Choosing the best long haul suitcase may appear relatively easy, but you want something that will fit 2+ weeks worth of clothing and of course them touristy must have items. Ideally hardshell is my preference. I want to protect my packed items as well as have something to sit on in the airport. 4 wheels is a must.

Short haul suitcase

This case can be smaller than your long haul case, maybe fits around 1 weeks worth of clothes and room for gifts. The difference between this and a hand luggage only case, is that for me it does not have to be as lightweight.

Hand Luggage only suitcase

This suitcase, has to be light enough so I can lift it into the overhead bins on a flight when full. Small enough to fit into the ever shrinking free hand luggage allowances. Yet it also has to be sturdy enough to last multiple trips. And in my humble opinion softshell.

Do you own multiple suitcase? Or do you have a once size fits all case?