We Got Married In Las Vegas

After 11 years together we ran away to Las Vegas to get married after a whirlwind secret engagement. Basically we got engaged and married with only a handful of people knowing and in the space of 3 weeks. And no Elvis wasn’t there.

I’m planning to write up a whole post on how to get married in Vegas, but simply it’s very easy! For now, please enjoy these amazing photographs by Kaye of Fordphotography.

It was a really laid back day, we got ready together and other than getting married we had no real plans. There was a quick ceremony, a drive to the desert and jello shots on the vegas strip kinda all happened just as the day went by. It also rained. Yes we went all the way to Las Vegas to get married and yes it rained.

Las Vegas wedding desert shoot

I am a girl that hates her photo been taken, I mean really hate it. As a photographer I hide behind a camera, hardly never in front of it! A vegas Wedding however needed documenting, partly for us, partly for our family and friends that we didn’t invite. This is a massive shout out and appreciation post to Kaye too! She made us feel relaxed but was also super chill even though we didn’t have a plan for the day.

So there you have it. This wanderer who loves to travel and her now !husband! managed to pull off a perfect wedding with a little help from our friends.