Visiting Cape Cod in Winter

I never intended to visit Cape Cod on my visit to Boston. But meeting a friend with a hire car and the fact that my music randomly shuffled to Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by the Vampire Weekend. I knew it was fate.

So visiting Cape Cod in Winter

welcome to cape cod sign and beach hut in the cape in winter

Early February to be precise. Means no traffic on the Cape. Yet it also means no ferry service. So a 3 hour drive from Boston to Provincetown. The Cape as it is affectionally known is a tourist mecca in summer. It is known for its beautiful beaches, great food and quirky little towns.

Driving along route 6A the more scenic road to route 6 along to the very top of the Cape Provincetown. There are able opportunities to stop the car and have a wander along the the deserted beaches.

The Atlantic ocean from cape cod in winter
visiting cape cod in winter, girl on the beach

Visiting Cape Cod in winter looks like this. Bundled up in a hat, scarfs and a winter coat. Quickly making a run back to the car as the gale battered the sand dunes and whipped up the Atlantic Ocean. I can see why people come in summer, but winter. However cold it was, it was unspoilt. No kids with buckets and spades, no deckchairs. Just a mad Yorkshire lass. And some sharks apparently.

be shark smart visiting cape cod in winter

Where should I visit?

Sunbird Kitchen, Orleans for lunch.

Sunbird Kitchen is a a neighbourhood restaurant that sells fresh food and craft drinks. It has great food and a lovely atmosphere. The staff were friendly and explained the menu, helped us pick out our food and drinks. The Sunbird Kitchen isn’t the cheapest place you can eat but the quality is excellent. The burgers we had were super tasty and not full of processed food I am so used to when visiting the States. Winter on the Cape also meant we didn’t have to wait for a table.

sunbird kitchen burgers and restaurant  Orleans MA

Instant Karma Records, Orleans

Instant karma records, is hidden inside Earth House. It is one of the best record stores I have spent my hard earned money in. There is a huge selection of used vinyl and you can flip through the shelves for hours. Dylan who runs and owns the store, was there to talk me through his selection and tell me the history of the store and his adventures in collecting vinyl. (I didn’t take any pictures as 1. I was too engrossed in the records and 2. Far too busy chatting to Dylan about his time queuing to see the Who)