Vending Machine Guide | Tokyo Edition

In Japan, there are vending machines everywhere. I mean every street corner, some kind of vending machine. However the majority are drink related. There are also the capsule vending machines which hold everything from toys to porn. And the vending machines in Ramen restaurants.

Vending Machines are a Japanese institution.

Drink and weird soup machines

Girl holding a chocolate milk in front of a Japanese vending machine

Drinks machines are everywhere and everything from bottle water to hot chocolate milk all in one magical machine. They range from ¥100 to ¥300. They are cheaper on the street rather than in the train station. Do not buy the weird soup (corn or clam chowder) in a bottle. Its rank. There is usually a recycling box next to the machine which made me happy. You can pay with cash or with your Suica card. Either way lots of fun.

Capsule Machines

vending machines in tokyo one with an anatomical figure and the other selling adult only material

The next favourite vending machines were the capsule machines. Now these machines are fab, they sell everything. I mean everything. From anatomy related purses for ¥300 to adult themed banners for ¥500. Yes you can bet you bottom dollar that I got Kevin one as a gift and now it has pride of place in his office. You can find these on the street but for the best ones, gift shops as well as in arcades.

A guide to ordering Ramen from a vending Machine

Raman Vending machine ticket and a bowl of Raman
Ramen vending machine restaurant with a queue of people outside

My final vending machine love comes in the form of Ramen. Finding a Ramen shop hungry I was ready to order but left confused by the vending machine.

  1. Insert your money
  2. Choose your dish (it probably wont be in English, so take a guess at the picture menu if you don’t speak Japanese)
  3. Take your ticket and any change, take a seat and hand the ticket to the server
  4. Enjoy your hot fresh bowl of possibly the best Ramen you’ll ever have